What is Thai Massage

Perhaps no other type of massage has been so discredited as a Thai Massage. The connection with the earlier “promotion” of Thailand and the sexual tourism in the Thai Massage received this subject. Thai Massage is like any other massage techniques for each. Is mainly to prevent its recurrence, and also helps to solve some health problems. Massage is one of the oldest healing disciplines. The earliest records of massage comes from China in the period prior to about 5 000 years ago.

Thai massage works with the entire body. Masseur or Masseuse use their hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet and also use their body weight. Thai Massage works on the basis of energy zones and energy pathways in our body, using them together with points located on them because any such line is related to some body functions, organ and psyche as well. Thai Massage remarkably combines stretching, massage and acupressure energy pathways.

It is implemented on the ground surface to massage the rest relaxing atmosphere. It works to release energy blockade, release of muscle and joint pain, promotes relaxation and regeneration, eliminates pain and increases mobility of the spine throughout the body. It increases blood and lymph circulation, increases the excretion of waste from body, releasing toxins from joints, muscles and tissues, increases the ability of nutrients and enhances the adoption of the nervous system. Thai Massage is an excellent prevention against diseases and a way to achieve good physical condition and mental well-being. It is intended for everyone and brings a wonderful experience for relaxation and free from the perception of time, space and your own body. These beautiful feelings persists even after the massage and continue in the treatment.


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